Why Atomy

1. Products

Atomy’s slogan is Absolute Quality, Absolute Price. This means you are getting the highest quality products at the lowest price possible.

One of the reasons why Atomy products are of the highest quality is because they use fresh organic herbs that have been ultra-purified to remove any toxins. This ultra purification has been achieved by the researchers at KAERI and Kolmar Beauty and Health. Allowing them to use 500x more of the goodness of the fresh herbs.

The reason why Atomy products are better priced is because the goal of Atomy is to dominate the marketplace to where other companies can’t compete. Combine this with a generous referral program and you have something absolutely incredible.

2. There is no cost or risk to join Atomy

People refer others all the time for nothing when they recommend a store, product, service, restaurant, website and so on. But Atomy pays you to be their advertising. Last year alone Atomy paid out about $200 million to their members in commissions and bonuses.

There is nothing to lose and so much to gain by trying Atomy products:

  • No Registration Fees
  • No Monthly Fees
  • No Website Usage Fees
  • No automatic reordering; No auto-ship
  • No minimum order quantities
  • You do not have to purchase products to join
  • You do not have to purchase products every month
  • You do not need to sell products
  • One member ID is valid across the world
  • To qualify for commissions for the year you only have to accumulate 10k Personal PV which is about RM100 in products.
  • The opportunity to make a good residual income over time.

Only 2 requirements:

  • Must be 18 or older to join
  • You only need to buy 1 item by next year to keep your membership active (This could be any items that valued for just RM38.)

3. Company Vision and Strength

The goal of Atomy is to be the worlds supplier of health care, skin care, personal care and home care items of absolute quality at absolute low prices.

Please see About Atomy.

4. Worldwide Market

Atomy is in USA, Cambodia, Canada, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Mexico, Thailand,  Australia,  Russia,  Indonesia and Malaysia. With new countries opening up each year. Once you’re a member of Atomy you can refer anyone in any of the opened countries and place them in your group under you.

5. From Consumer to Opportunity

Most people join Atomy because they heard about how good the products are from a friend or family member. Then after trying it they actually see and experience the results themselves and refer their friends and family members. Over time they find what they are personally buying is being paid for with the commissions they earn. Then a few people can become thousands in their group all potentially earning them a good residual income. To think this all started out from just trying a few inexpensive products like toothbrush, toothpaste and body wash that people normally buy at a local store.

To learn about this opportunity in detail see: Opportunity.

To join Atomy please click here.