Why Join Our Team

We believe that our strength is through the amount of training and support we provide each member who joins Atomy.

In order to get an Atomy membership, you’ll need a sponsor. We will provide you with your Atomy membership ID and BENEFITS:

1. Adding New Members under your line

Atomy applies Binary plan where members are introduced into 2 legs format like a left and a right sub leg. By joining us as Atomy member, you can easily get members/downlines via our website and mobile apps effortlessly. Placement is where the real magic takes place. The positions are given out on a first-come, first-served basis. The earlier you sign up with us, the more members/downlines we may recruit for you. Those who sign up later will be placed under you. Our websites – https://networking.biz and https://ato.my.id will help you to build the left leg.

Following is the image representation of how our system works.

MLM Binary Plan

U represents YOU. L1 submits his/her application form online later will be placed under U, following by L2. Such being the case, L2 will be put under L1.

You will be responsible in developing your right leg. R1 will be placed under U, following by R2. Such being the case, R2 will be put under R1.

2. Access to our training materials and more

Resources are available for all members in our groups. All are yours to explore—whenever and from wherever you like.

Because Atomy is Global, we may receive membership application forms at any time via our website.  Therefore, you have to act fast.